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Scarface by emmshin
by emmshin

My god man! This picture is f**king fantastic! I really like how you manage to add some details on Tony Montana, and also the clothing....

Lady Scorpion by chaos6x9

Awesome artwork. I really like how you put in the details on the klothing, and also, the warm kolor kontrast. The hair looks really wel...

Mori Motonari by KunichiMinamino

I really like how the details on the hair show up. It really adds realism to it. I also like the shading. Really nice! Keep up the good...


Scarface by emmshin
My god man! This picture is f**king fantastic! I really like how you manage to add some details on Tony Montana, and also the clothing. The colors are really vibrant, and it gives a realistic feel to your work. Let me tell you something, I love this movie. This movie is awesome. And the money, I really like how the money fly in the background. AWESOME! The smoke in the cigar is really well done. Awesome kick ass picture you got there homie. ^_^ Overall, I said that this drawing is a job well done. Nice shading, and details. Keep it up man. ^_^ *thumbs up*
Just to let everyone know, I am moving GTA 5 from PS3 to PS4. I will be transferring my progress from PS3 to PS4. Also, I will be getting PlayStation Plus in order to play online with my PS4. So, anytime you wanna chat, feel free to add me on PSN. PSN ID: teentekken.

RockStar Social Club ID: Pit_Viper_RKO
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Brian-White007's Profile Picture
Brian Leamon White
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Brian White. I am a college student. I go to South University, and also College of Southern Nevada (CSN). My favorite hobbies are: playing videogames, watch TV, draw pictures, surf the internet, and listen to music.

My hobbies are:
playing videogames
watch TV
Play with my PC
Listen to music
Surf the Internet
Spending time with family, friends, and girlfriend
working out

I have been diagnosed with Autism, but to be more specific, Asperger’s Syndrome since the age of two. I have graduated from SECTA (Southeast Career Technical Academy) in 2009 with an advanced diploma and honors recognition. After I graduate at CSN with an associate’s degree, I really want to go to another college where I can study videogame designing/developing to achieve my dreams as game developer, but because of my disability, I have struggled to reach my goals, and to make my dreams come true as a videogame developer. I work very hard to achieve my goals in college and in my personal life. My mom has always encouraged me to work hard to achieve my dreams and not allow anyone to interfere with my dreams regardless of how difficult it may be and/or what types of disabilities you may have.
I also learn that there are goals in life that people need to achieve in order to be successful. People need to work hard in order to attain great success that can help them in the near future. I also believe that parents should encourage their kids to study hard in order to succeed in life, and make further advances in the near future in order to better themselves.
My only activity at the moment is to study very hard. I spend most of the time in my graphic classroom, or at the writing center to make sure my papers are corrected and have no errors. Due to my disability, it’s not easy to make friends and communicate with other people. People always make fun of me because of my disability, and sometimes they do not accept me for who I am, and ignore me. That causes me to be lonely, and forces me to withdraw from others. I do have some friends that accept me for who I am and for those I am very thankful. I have met a lot of good people that will help me reach my goals.

I have a major in 3D Animation, and minor in theatre. I love using 3DS Max and Photoshop. I am also interested in Theatre, because this can help learn how to act and understand different character personalities that can help me in the future and improve my social skills.
Also, again, my goals are to finish college and achieve my dream as a game developer in order to achieve my goals.

Short term goal: Finish college
Long term goal: Move back to Las Vegas, NV and/or go to Santa Clara, CA, work at Bandai Namco,

Who I would like to meet: Katsuhiro Harada, Ed Boon, Michael Murray, Hideo Kojima, Cory Ledesma, Will Smith, 50 Cent, Shuehei Yoshida, Kaz Hirai, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Eminem, Patrick Seitz, Mark Cerny, John Tobias, Hector Sanchez, Herman Sanchez, Dan Forden, Yoshinori Ono, Yuji Naka, John Cena, Randy Orton, Triple H, and a lot more.

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Twitter ID: Colonel_Tekken

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We hope you have an enjoyable stay! :glomp:
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Thank you for welcoming to your group. I really appreciate it. I love the idea of encouraging other artists to improve their artwork. (in Mortal Kombat voice) Love the idea.
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